Life challenges can take many forms — disability, chronic illness, caregiving for an aging parent or special needs child, strained or broken relationships, divorce, addiction, depression, unemployment, the loss of a loved one, and financial struggles. Issues can be complex and the journey may be long. Many experience confusion, anger, doubt, fear, or loneliness. Meanwhile, our society compels us to “muscle” through challenges but often leaves us feeling generally alone or overwhelmed.

Despite life’s painful seasons you can discover an adventure in adversity. Thriving amidst challenges is possible with Christ-centered community and one-to-one friendships as well as personal study of the Bible and prayer. And while a strong and tenacious support system is critical, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential. Read more about this essential foundation.

Walk Right In Ministries considers it one of life’s blessed privileges to come alongside struggling people wanting to grow and thrive on their journeys toward solutions, strength, contentment and joy. We want to help you connect with resources that fit your personal circumstances and unique temperament needs.


Walk Right In Ministries helps people find and be part of fruitfully supportive communities. Finding Glory Groups are the foundational resource utilizing the Finding Glory in the Thorns Group Discussion Guide — a Bible-based curriculum designed for people who want to thrive in life even when facing challenges. If you are someone who wants to understand God’s answers to tough questions, know you have value in the Divine Plan, be encouraged on your journey and grow with others along the way, then a Finding Glory Group is for you! Learn more.

There are supportive communities for virtually any type of life challenge. Some wonderful opportunities are listed in the box shown at right. Most are firmly rooted in Biblical theology but some only generally represent Biblical values. Please do your own research to ensure that you are entirely comfortable with your support resources and check back with us often as new groups are added continually.

It is important to remain active in a Bible-believing church where you can be regularly involved with others who will “rejoice with you when you rejoice and mourn with you when you mourn” (see Romans 12:15). However, we understand that the Church does not always know how to effectively support families experiencing disability and other kinds of crisis. We are thankful for a growing number of organizations making it a priority to learn about how to help in this important and complex area of ministry. In the meantime, we hope you are experiencing fruitful and grace-filled connection in a church home. If, however, you are struggling in this area, please contact Walk Right In Ministries so we can pray with you. Perhaps we may even be able to help you develop a more effective support community.


Walk Right In Ministries promotes friendships where you can share joys and struggles safely, be inspired and challenged, and experience the power of prayer.

  • WALKING PARTNERS — We encourage you to cultivate one or two close relationships where Christ is central to the conversation as you walk shoulder-to-shoulder with one another listening, encouraging, exhorting and empowering. (If you are married, please be cautioned to maintain only same-sex Walking Partners.)
    Learn more.

  • TEMPERAMENT COUNSELING — We encourage individuals and couples who are facing life-altering circumstances to find a professional Christian counselor who is certified in temperament counseling. Prayerful use of the temperament tool in the counseling process can help you get to the heart of your needs quickly so you make efficient and effective progress towards healing, encouragement, hope, personal growth, and answers. Twin Cities area resources we highly recommend are:

  • FINANCIAL COACHING — If debt or financial challenges are part of your situation, please explore the resources at Crown Financial Ministries.

    Crown Financial Ministries

Particularly if you are facing a crisis situation or are feeling very alone, we encourage you to ask your pastor or a church leader for guidance in finding a support group or professional counselor.


At Walk Right In Ministries we believe that prayerful reading of the Bible is our best source of interaction with God — our supreme and final authority on faith and life. There is true hope within the pages of the Bible.

We want you to be encouraged in daily reading and study of the Bible recognizing the opportunity that it is to grow in your personal relationship with God, develop God’s perspective of suffering and discover peace that surpasses understanding.

There are many organizations who are making it their mission to help connect and engage people with God’s Word. Here are just a few nationally recognized options for study and online daily devotions we value highly:

The first books in the new series of Finding Glory Devotionals are also in development — watch for those soon!


At Walk Right In Ministries, we believe strongly in the power of prayer. Let our intercessors (people who feel called to pray for you) come alongside you to pray for courage, hope and victory! Contact us at

We can also help connect you with prayer groups specific to your situation (e.g., Angelman Syndrome).

Another wonderful prayer resource we want to recommend specifically for families facing Autism (and other disabilities) is the Autism Strategic Prayer Network. Explore Children of Destiny for more information.

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