I found the book and questions thought-provoking.”

Participant — Plymouth Covenant Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gave us a launch pad for discussion.”

Participant — Vineland Missionary Church, Ontario CANADA

I learned how to glorify God, not my problems.”

Participant — Our Redeemer's Church, Minot, North Dakota

I was scared to relive heartbreaking memories but it did the opposite...affirmed that Jesus has a purpose for my journey.”

Participant — Our Redeemer's Church, Minot, North Dakota

Our Sunday School class started participating because things from your experiences sparked a commonality.”

Group Facilitator — Vineland Missionary Church, Ontario CANADA

Finding Glory in the Thorns is an invitation to let our wounds be a place of fundamental transformation, where we meet God and learn compassion to reach out to other wounded people.”

Joel Warne — Founder of Wellspring Life Resources, Author of Soul Craving

Lisa and Larry’s book offers us hope that they found in their trials and is an unforgettable journey into God’s mercies…I can’t say enough about this ministry and would highly recommend them for speaking engagements."

Melody Richards — Counselor, Hope for the Hurting Home

Larry and Lisa Jamieson are gifted authors and leaders…Their honest and healthy printed resources emerge out of their daily, moment-by-moment challenges. For more than a decade, I have admired their prayerful patience and willingness to surrender to God’s plan for their lives.”

Ron Keller, PhD. — Counselor at Keller & Associates, Author of 12 Steps to A New Day


Finding Glory in the Thorns, written by Larry and Lisa Jamieson, is the heartwarming story of a little girl’s struggles with Angelman Syndrome and the community that embraced her with a life-changing love. Both an autobiographical and practical resource, Finding Glory in the Thorns is a valuable tool on any shelf whether you’re the one facing a road bump or a friend wanting to come alongside someone who is hurting.

The original book, also available as an eBook, is now the inspiration for a growing series of resources that includes Finding Glory retreats and special events, Finding Glory Discussion Groups, and Glory Stories.

The Finding Glory in the Thorns: Group Discussion Guide was released in the fall of 2010 as a companion study tool with the original book. Groups in both the United States and Canada have been using the 7-week curriculum for Adult Sunday School classes, support groups, book clubs, and small group Bible studies.

A Glory Story tells how people around the world are seeing or experiencing the loving and powerful presence of God. There is great power in sharing stories of God’s presence in our lives — power to comfort one another, power to spur one another on, power to give testimony of God’s character and purposes, and power to declare God’s greatness so that He is glorified and many come to know Him. Please join in reading and sharing online stories of the living God’s activity among us.
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Finding Glory Groups are a place to connect with others who understand that life is challenging and that Christ-centered friendships are essential. A foundational outreach of Walk Right In Ministries, Finding Glory Groups are particularly valued by those facing disability, illness or caregiving situations.

Finding Glory Groups follow a 7-week curriculum using the Finding Glory in the Thorns: Group Discussion Guide. During six weeks of discussion (and an optional seventh week for fellowship-focused celebration) Finding Glory Groups guide and empower people to come together and share life in God-honoring and deeply satisfying ways.

Groups meet on a regular basis — some weekly, others bi-weekly or monthly. Each meeting addresses a core question:

  • SURRENDER — How do I do it?
  • FAITH — How do I keep it?
  • HOPE — How do I hold it?
  • JOY — How do I experience it?
  • SHARING — Is it worth it?

Finding Glory Groups explore practical applications of Biblical principals together. You have an opportunity to discuss questions from a workbook and to share what is going on in your life. You also receive prayer from others who are seeking authentic, Christ-centered and encouraging relationships.

Part of the beauty of these communities is in the many creative ways they are formed and grow. Some groups (e.g., Adult Sunday School classes, small group communities) begin and end within a single 6 or 7-week period of time. Other groups (e.g., Support Group for Special Needs Parents) maintain a continuous cycle recognizing that God builds new insights and relationships all the time. Some groups close registration once the series begins; others encourage new participants to join at any time. Some groups come together along a specific theme (e.g., chronic illness) while others enjoy the diversity of sharing from a wide variety of experiences (e.g., job transition, disability, strained marriage).

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Larry and Lisa Jamieson are available to speak at events as they share the story that inspired the book Finding Glory in the Thorns. Audiences will explore The Road Map to Glory, a practical Biblical tool for navigating the way to surrender, faith, hope and joy amidst life’s challenges.

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