The idea for this series was given birth while I cared for our daughter, Carly, at the hospital last week. I kept hoping for a free moment to post on marriage because Larry and I have been partnering with others on concerns about marriage health lately. Instead, it was a week for focus on children and prayer.
Believing that the Lord keeps leading us to share out of our own circumstances, I felt the nudge to share some child-focused prayers this week. I am hopeful you are appreciating it as Larry and I are appreciating the opportunity to regroup in health and household logistics. We hope to be back in the regular swing of life and ministry next week!
The Way of Angels

Sometimes I wake in the night with a jolt. I feel how helpless I am, ultimately, to make life turn out okay for my little ones, to keep accidents, evil, and disease from touching them.

My angels encamp around those who fear Me, and deliver them (from Ps. 34:7).

Thank You, Lord. When I’m afraid for my children, my first impulse is to run to You. All our hopes are in Your hands.

If you make Me your refuge, then no disaster will overwhelm you. I will command My angels to guard you and your children in all your ways (from Ps. 91:9-11).

Help me to remember that Your spiritual warriors can shut the mouths of lions and defeat the agents of Satan (Ps. 103:20, Dan. 6:22). Thank You for Your angels of mercy and power who guard even the weakest in Your kingdom.

My angels are ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit my salvation (from Heb. 1:14).

Lord, I choose to accept the risks of living, knowing that my children are held in Your strong embrace for all eternity. Amen.

From “Praying the Bible for Your Children” by David & Heather Kopp.
Tomorrow, the conclusion of this week’s series: “Here Among Us.”