Erin and I are getting to see some incredible films here at the Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival. I wish I had time and space to tell you about all of them. Tonight we saw The Shunning and sat in on a panel discussion with producer Brian Bird and actress Sandra VanNatta.

Beverly Lewis’ The Shunning | Hallmark Channel

Workshopping continues during the day. Today, Erin got to do a Music Video Casting Call and will be an extra on a video tomorrow with the opportunity to learn-by-doing as she witnesses the entire shoot process unfolding over the next 2 days.
This afternoon, I sat in a session on Financing Your Dream and heard about a book soon to release called “The Story of the Bible.” It tells how the Bible came to be. The Lord knew it was a timely moment for me to hear about the project because I have recently been in conversations with people asking that very question. As I shared my enthusiasm, the session teacher immediately stopped and asked the class to pray momentarily for the individuals I’m sharing with about Christ. This is the kind of shoulder-to-shoulder walking out of our faith that absolutely charges my batteries.
Tomorrow is the big day for those of us waiting to hear results in the Music and Film competitions. The Banquet & Awards Ceremony is tomorrow night. We are on pins and needles…