The following Psalm was written by one of our readers and prayer warriors in sweet dedication to the challenges our family has been experiencing and sharing through our blog, retreats, Finding Glory Bible Study discussion groups, and the book Finding Glory in the Thorns.  We are privileged and grateful to see this kind of worship inspired by our story!

Psalm of Thanksgiving
Dedicated to Larry and Lisa Jameson
Written by Lisa Hansen                                                 
                  Stand on the mountaintops and shout praise to the Lord!
Give praise to the Lord, all you peoples,
                                    For when the winds rage and the waters rise over our heads,
                                    He stretches out his mighty arm and brings us to new life.
                  We lived on our own little Paradise Island,
                                    Secure in our plans and prosperity,
                                    Until a screaming wind bore down on us, incessant and unrelenting.
                  Unbearable pain and sorrow, raw heartbreaking wounds that we could not heal,
                                    Slowly deepened into deep persistent grief.
Our plans were shattered, our prosperity but wisps of dreams,
                                    Our backs bent low under burdens that would never cease.
The waters of our tears and exhaustion threatened to break over our heads
                                    We were drowning in need and fear.
                  Standing alone on the shores of our desert island,
                                    This lean-to of only two could no longer support and shelter us.
Unable to control the raging winds,
Our battered wings spread in surrender to God’s direction.
                  The voice of God spoke, calling us to obedience,
                                    “Go where I am leading you, share your burdens with the people.”
                  In fear and trembling, shaking with tears,
We stepped into the raging waters, trusting that God would part them for us,
                                    Just as he has done for his faithful people throughout all time.
                  God parted the waters and moved mountains, our hope and strength were renewed.
                                    The glory of God shines so brightly, we are blinded to all else.
                  Our lives were ushered into a new way of being, the cultivation of a grateful heart,
                                    Enjoying the ripples of God’s all-consuming comfort.
                  The mystery of God’s creative spirit and economical acts
                                    Brings joy and adventure to our lives.
                  We bathe in his warmth and marvel at his goodness.
Sing praise, O people of God, for we have a God who rescues and redeems,
                                    Who surprises us each day with new miracles beyond our imaginings.
                  Our hope and our strength are in the Lord,
                                    Our lives unfold as we rest in his embrace.
                  We will give thanks for forever and a day.       

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