I want to thank Katherine Kotila from Nebraska for sharing this story.  Katherine attended International House of Prayer (IHOP) University, was a “Fire in the Night” intern and served on IHOP’s staff “Strike Team” for seven months. She is currently a youth group leader and hospital nursing assistant while helping to establish Bound4LIFE in Bellevue, a nationwide effort to see the end of abortion. Katherine plans to become an ultrasound technician.  God’s ways are beautifully evident through this young woman.

“Something amazing happened today! 

At youth group tonight I noticed a new guy and girl kind of sitting off to themselves for most of the night. Well, at one point I was leading a little bit of discussion. I mentioned this crazy place in Kansas City where people worship and pray 24/7. 

This new girl gasps and says, “IHOP-KC? That’s where I’m from!” 

“What?!” I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The personal nature and timing of this connection was so significant. Crazy! I thought.

So we talked for a while afterwards. She and her brother had moved here to help their grandparents. 

We hit it off right away. They explained that they had visited my church once but weren’t really planning on coming again except the brother felt like they needed to come to the youth thing tonight. 

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been in a really difficult place lately feeling really lonely and missing all my Kansas City friends and community. I told them I was SO so encouraged to talk to someone in Omaha with a similar background as me. 

It just goes to show that even in your darkest times, Jesus is never going to leave you hanging and will do something for you right when you feel like you’ve got nothing left. 


Thank you, Katherine, for transparently sharing how God lifted you out of discouragement and for reminding all of us of God’s marvelous and personal love!

Now — let’s continue in worship!