I’m featuring two new Christ-proclaiming books today because who doesn’t love a good reading recommendation—especially with summer coming? Both of these authors are friends and ministry partners with Walk Right In Ministries. Your purchase of their books directly impacts outreach in the name and power of Jesus Christ. One book will give you some kick-back-and-have-fun type of reading; the other provides memorable inspiration and encouragement. 

Christian mystery-romance author Sandra Orchard is a generous supporter of Walk Right In Ministries. I devoured yet another of her books over vacation in March and wanted to encourage friends of this ministry to check out all of her titles.  In “Deadly Devotion,” she develops curious and friendly characters in a horticulture town modeled after the area where she and I both grew up. (We met through Inter Varsity and became close friends back in high school.)  She captures the essence of small town relationships where lives seem more transparent yet vulnerable to misunderstanding. Orchard has a genius for pacing and it caught me up again in this murder mystery romance where affections heat up, cool down and heat up again amidst circumstances that are never quite what they seem.  I’m left excited to dig into “Blind Trust” (Book 2 coming in June 2014) and discover how past pain and mysteries will be redeemed. 
Click here for the Amazon link to Book 1 in the Port Aster Series. 

“Collision with Joy” is Melody Richard’s first book and it reflects her passion to point people to true hope in the face of anguishing loss.  In this autobiographical reflection, you’ll learn how, six years ago, Melody’s oldest daughter Danielle (then 20 years old) was killed in a car accident. The despair and anguish of Melody’s grief process is contrasted with a vision of Danielle’s warm and profoundly joyful welcoming into heaven.  You’ll be captivated in the experiences of the two stories woven together with sensitivity, insight and raw honesty.  I was personally drawn into the anticipation of heaven by Danielle’s delightful personality and her sheer joy of meeting Jesus for the first time.  This book connects readers with a vision for eternal things that is both comforting and empowering.  
Order directly from Hope Renewed Counseling and mention “WRIM” in your order if you want 100% of the proceeds to go to Walk Right In Ministries.

Click here for the Amazon link to “Collision with Joy.”