A news story aired last week under the headline: “St. Paul church designed to welcome those with disabilities.”  This was a very important story that Walk Right In Ministries had the privilege to participate in along with the Twin Cities Disability Ministry Connection. FOX9 News dedicated just shy of 6 minutes for this feature story reported by Amy Hockert. Folks, SIX MINUTES of air time is a huge investment and this was not a simple story to tell. 
If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch now then share this link on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.fox9.com/news/99791845-story 

This story has stirred conversation and passion. Over the last week since it aired, I’ve watched Facebook and my email light up about the tremendous needs, opportunities, failures and successes of the Church as it relates to special needs ministry. It is tremendously gratifying to see progress! Nonetheless, typical churches struggle to serve those leading atypical lives. Typical churches are scared, intimidated or apathetic and making very little effort at all. Though some churches try to be kind to people with special needs, the typical church today is still not engagingly inclusive. As our friend John Knight of Desiring God exhorted the church in his blog last week, “Let’s not be typical!”  
What can YOU do?
Watch this news story.
SEE with new eyes and ENGAGE with the people around you who live with challenges.
PRAY that the heart and response of God’s Church will radically change — embracing and including all those who have disabilities.
TALK to your pastors; help others see how very highly God values the “weaker” parts of his Body and expects us to engage their gifts in the life of the church just as we do with any other member.
POST this video link on Facebook with your personal note of encouragement to watch it: http://www.fox9.com/news/99791845-story 
WRITE to Amy Hockert at programming9@foxtv.com and thank her for telling stories that help people with disabilities!

Let our enduring message be hope. Let our eyes remain fixed on Christ. Let us not grow weary doing good.
Thank you for letting your own life speak and display the Gospel today.