Finding Glory in the Thorns (PDF Download)

Finding Glory in the Thorns tells the inspiring true story of a community who embraced a little girl with special needs. In their expressions of love, they discovered that God is truly near, accessible and powerful in good times and in bad. For those personally walking through struggles and for others who are attempting to provide help along the way, each learns to see hope and catch the spirit of adventure in adversity. The book also offers a practical Road Map tool for navigating questions about faith, hope and relationships in the midst of challenges.

About the Authors

Larry and Lisa Jamieson know first-hand the life altering challenges associated with parenting a child with disabilities. When their youngest of three daughters was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, they experienced unusual practical and spiritual support from their community.  They became passionate about helping others connect and grow in Christ-centered relationships.  Co-founders of Walk Right In Ministries and authors of Finding Glory in the Thorns and the Finding Glory Group Discussion Guide, the Jamiesons are devoted to advocacy, education, discipleship and networking to help others connect and grow in Christ-loving communities.


The challenges of raising a child with Angelman Syndrome are numerous and daunting. I applaud Larry and Lisa for the honesty in the telling of their story. As the parents of a child with Angelman Syndrome, Yolanda and I are tenaciously hopeful about our daughter’s future and unwavering in our belief that God is guiding our steps. Larry and Lisa have written a book that bolsters that hope and conviction.

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In Finding Glory in the Thorns, Larry and Lisa Jamieson recount their incredible trials in attempting to help their third daughter survive debilitating health and developmental issues. As they relate their journey from agony and desperation to understanding and acceptance, they provide an inspiring lesson for all of us who are seeking to understand life’s lessons and our relationship to God.

This is not just a book for the parents of hurting and challenged children, although it provides invaluable lessons for those parents. Rather, it is a book that provides invaluable lessons for everyone who struggles when they hit bumps in the road or, as in the Jamieson’s case, the road disappears into a sink hole so enormous that they cannot believe they will ever crawl out of it let alone ever find their way home. The Jamiesons found their way and will help many others who share their story and understand their message find their way home as well.

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Do you long for a taste of glory a vision for life hope in your hurt? The Jamiesons are our loving and faithful guides who lead us to the experience of Finding Glory in the Thorns. Their story is powerful in itself, but their Spirit-led framing of it in the theological reality of the glory of God allows the story to be transformational as well as inspirational. They show us that life amid thorns can also be lived in the presence and power of a loving God a life of following Jesus into the kingdom of His Father! I, for one, need the hope, the vision, and the taste of glory this rare book provides.

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Finding Glory Group Discussion Guide (PDF Download)

This FG Group Discussion Guide is designed as a companion resource for use with the book Finding Glory in the Thorns. While the book can be used as a private reflection tool and journal, we strongly recommend that you gather in a group for discussion. God will magnify His work in you and through you as you allow your journey to intersect with the experiences of others.

In the midst of challenges, you can find God’s answers to tough questions, know you have value in the Divine Plan, be encouraged on your journey and grow with others along the way.

Practical, Bible-based, easy-to-use 7-week format

About the Authors

Larry and Lisa Jamieson, international speakers and authors of Finding Glory in the Thorns, are passionate advocates for marriages and families facing the bumpy journey heavenward.


“I found the book and questions thought-provoking.”

“Gave us a launchpad for discussion.”

“I learned how to glorify God, not my problems.”

“Our Sunday School class started participating because things from your experiences sparked a commonality.”

“I was scared to relive heartbreaking memories but it did the opposite…affirmed that Jesus has a purpose for my journey.”

“Helped me turn a corner. I’m not angry at God any more.”

Living Your Glory Story (PDF Download)

In the Church and in the world today, people feel detached from God and skeptical about His tangible presence and power. Yet God remains alive, active and accessible in our midst.

Let’s get real with each other about the imperfect but growing faith we have. Let’s encourage each other by lifting our voices and proclaiming evidence from our daily lives that this faith is based in reality. Let’s rejoice and confirm, “Our God Still Reigns!”

Lisa Jamieson explores what happens when Christians freely share their stories of stumbling but exhilarating faith in Jesus. Using personal examples and the Bible, she paints a compelling picture for why God’s presence, power and goodness must be boldly proclaimed.