A Caregiver’s Prayer for Rest

There have been times when my daughter’s needs have become very scary or intense for me as her caregiver. I have felt like I’m survival mode. When she has suffered from seizures, I become fearful. When she hasn’t slept much for days or weeks, I have been overwhelmed and emotional in sleep deprivation. I have wanted to run away from my life. Sometimes I do, in a way. When there is support staff available in the morning, I have pushed the snooze so many times trying to push off a new day with its incessant battles. I tend to hide in my bedroom at any opportunity to escape the demands that will arise as soon as Carly sees me. I avoid the kitchen when I can’t face the need to puree one more meal. I run emotionally when I feel like I am suffocating in my life.

These are the confessions of a caregiver.

On today’s blog, Lisa shares a poignant, personal peek into one of her prayer journals. On this particular day, she explored a reflection with God on 1 Kings 19.

Our prayer is that other caregivers may be inspired to find their own way to fresh soul connection and rest with our Savior.

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Your Best Life Now. Not.

Those of us who are parents of children with disabilities are particularly, dangerously, prone to the experience of destructive anger. It doesn’t just get directed at God. In fact, much more frequently, it can be directed at others.

Parenting kids (and adults) with developmental disabilities requires navigating along a pathway fraught with spiritual landmines. Rather than blow up our families and the relationships with others around us, however, we can learn to discern the depths of our own sin-prone hearts and to develop a heart of wisdom via the power of the Holy Spirit.

You’ll find encouragement and practical steps to take on this week’s blog. Our guest contributor i Stephanie O. Hubach, a Research Fellow in Disability Ministries in affiliation with Covenant Theological Seminary and the mother of an adult son who has Down syndrome.

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New Book Opens Doors for Fun and Advocacy

In this week’s blog, we’re excited to introduce you to a new book called The Incredible Shrinking Toilets.

The book is opening doors for fun and meaningful conversations around the awkward topic of bathroom accessibility.

It’s a delightfully creative collaboration between author Ryan Wolfe (founder of Ability Ministry) and illustrator Adam Bryant (an accomplished artist).

Check out this guest post from Ryan Wolfe and learn how easy it can be for YOU to be an agent of change and advocate for human dignity.

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Family Update and Thoughts On Memorial Day

Periodic family updates seem to be of interest to readers, and it has been a while since I reported family news. So, after I pivot briefly to reflect on Memorial Day, I’ll turn to some recent highlights of a more personal nature and our transition to summer.

We lost a friend this week. It was a tragic yard accident. Norm was a veteran who very recently turned 82 years old. I can hardly stop thinking about the heartache of his family and their lack of opportunity to say those “good-bye-for-nows.” While they can rejoice with absolute assurance He is with Jesus, their sorrow and loss weigh heavily.

As a mom to someone with disabilities, I’ve heard many people say, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” I wonder how many times veterans’ loved ones are told that as they wait for a returning solder or grieve one that will never return.

It’s an unfair and unbiblical statement.

We’re exploring it together on today’s blog.

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Truth About Adoption

I will never hide the truth of adoption.

Lots of future adoptive parents are watching me. And other adoptive families. They don’t understand what it means when you say, “we deal with lots of hard things.”

What is “hard?”

That is the question guest blogger Leah Lundgren Spring answers in this week’s post.

May God use her family’s experiences to grow our understanding, compassion, respect, and vision!

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Extraordinary Service

It was 6:30 pm on a Saturday night and we weren’t dressed for it. But one of our most memorable restaurant experiences we’ve ever had started to unfold.

I posted part of this story on Facebook Saturday night and many have been finding it great blessing to read. So it seemed worthy of taking a moment to flesh out a few more of the miraculous details and make a full blog of it.

I hope you enjoy it and are encouraged. May God Himself be praised!

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Life Is in the Details When Special Needs Parenting

Visions of summer vacations are starting to creep into my head and it’s only April. There are just so many details to navigate.

Planning and preparing for vacations are overwhelming. Traveling with someone who has disabilities or complex health conditions is complicated.

Every caregiver needs to find and optimize their own unique sweet spots. Details are one of mine. Nonetheless, I’m constantly learning to hold plans loosely.

On today’s blog, we’re looking at what really matters when our families with disability and/or complex health issues are literally swimming in life’s details.

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Parents Make Hard Decisions for Their Kids

Parenting involves making hard choices on behalf of our child. Sometimes our decisions even cause the child pain. At some point, a parent determines the potential benefits outweigh the potential negative consequences.

I need absolute assurance of God’s power and love. You see, things like pain, confusion, and fatigue recur frequently in our home. I am utterly reliant on God for help, healing, hope, wisdom, peace — for literally everything. This past week was another good example.

In the middle of another sleepless night, I was second-guessing a couple of our decisions.

This week’s blog is about parenting. It’s about the heavenly Father’s love and a post Easter world. I hope you’ll head on over and check it out.

He is risen indeed!

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