Readiness Check for a Satisfying Summer

I’m back in the blogging saddle, at least to get our summer kicked off. It seemed worth taking a breath with everyone to consider what it might take to have a satisfying summer.

The adjustment to a new season can be rough, whether you have school-aged children or not. We all tend to come into summer with a unique set of struggles, hopes, and expectations. Often we don’t even realize they are there under the surface.

Yet if we slow down for a moment while the summer is still young to consider how we actually define a satisfying summer, we are more likely to actually give it a good “satisfaction rating” when September comes around.

I hope you’ll check out the blog today. It’s my quick take on how to get ready and really enjoy the season.

Gratefully connected,


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More Than A Detour

When your child is born with weighty health or developmental issues, or after a diagnosis is announced, the road of your life immediately heads an entirely different direction than you expected. My own daughter Carly’s diagnosis with Angelman Syndrome finally came when she was two and a half years old. There were early signs of developmental delays and health issues. But we thought the “detour” would eventually bring as back in line with the roadmap we initially had in mind for our young family of five.

Today’s navigational apps and Google maps give us a heads-up when detours are coming up. Jesus gave warnings too. One example: “In this world you will have trouble…” (John 16:33).

Most people experience a “detour” or two in life, no matter what the specific circumstances are.

On today’s blog, Lisa takes a closer — and very encouraging — look at the unlikely journeys of caregivers in families with extra needs.

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Who Defends Vulnerable Lives?

Within just the last 60 days, the Walk Right In Ministries community has been involved with three families facing decisions about lifesaving or life-sustaining medical treatment. They have experienced certain biases and sometimes pressures from medical professionals caring for their loved ones.

There are no simple — and often no perfect — answers. But the aim of these families is to honor the value of all life and make decisions that align with God’s view of their circumstances.

Carly and her friends in medically or developmentally complex circumstances need reliable values along with extended families, churches and communities who will support and advocate for them in a world that is moving toward moral collapse.

Please take about four minutes to read this week’s blog. It’s such an important one. Friends, pray about your own role in defending life as God would move you too.

Thank you!

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Finding REST in the Caregiving Hustle

Our guest blogger this week is Carrie Mastenbrook, Board member at Walk Right In Ministries.

Carrie shares a lesson that came late last year when juggling cares for both her son with cerebral palsy and her dad who passed away in August from cancer.

Let’s pray for Carrie and her family even as we learn with her how to enjoy rest for our souls in the hustle of caregiving.

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Caregiving Dad Learns to Celebrate Wins!

Our friend, Clarence Haynes, is a Bible teacher, blogger, and special needs dad. He has always desired to enjoy football with his son. However, his son has autism and Down Syndrome.

Due to his son’s reduced attention span and other developmental challenges, Clarence thought being able to sit, watch games, and have interaction together would simply remain a dream.

Then something changed.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, we think you’ll love this week’s guest post! Head over to the blog and read Clarence’s story.

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Pivotal Markers 2022: A Caregiver’s Year of Faith

Happy new year and congratulations, caregiving friends! You made it through another year! What you do to serve your family, honors God. It does not go unnoticed by him. He needs you to do some heavy lifting. But it has not gone unnoticed by Him.

The truth that God sees each one of us individually and uniquely brings such encouragement. This message threads all through the Bible.

Today on the blog, Lisa shares some of those threads that encouraged and strengthened her personally this year. We think it will inspire you.

Take a moment today to consider your own pivotal markers from 2022. We’d love to hear what those were too. So please reach out if you’re willing to share.

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Memories Worth Celebrating

It’s Christmas week, friends! We all have much going on.

I don’t want my husband or children to remember a stressed out, demanding, or perfectionistic mom when they think of Christmas. I also don’t want to carry guilt or hurt or pressure through this precious time. I want to live fully but freely and lightly.

I’m asking God to help me make memories that are truly worth celebrating.

Check out a quick-read on the blog today for some inspiration and practical ideas about Christmas memory making.

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When Caregiving Life Resembles a Stinky Stable

I stepped into December aiming to appreciate the season — not just the event of Christmas. I know enough by now to foresee there will be plenty of unexpected snags this month. Nuisance and vexing interruptions are the course of life at our house. I know it’s true for you too.

We spent a few hours last weekend in the emergency room. By noon on Sunday, I just wanted to feast on the simple things of Christmas and enjoy the traditional chores of gift wrapping and baking.

When plans are derailed, it’s easy to feel defeated.

Read today’s blog for encouragement about what to do when your life feels like a stinky scene from a barn.

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Wedding Hacks that Helped Our Special Needs Family

Larry and Lisa Jamieson celebrated the wedding of their oldest daughter in November! Alex married Josh Graf on November 12, 2022.

Since their family includes someone with significant health and developmental issues, each person had their own worries and hopes about how those matters might impact the events. Thankfully, it was an extraordinary weekend marked with joy and wonderful memories.

Read this week’s blog to see some fun pictures, hear from their hearts about fears and dreams, and learn what the Jamieson family did in trying to create an inclusive, enjoyable day for everyone.

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When Sleeping Is A No-Nonsense Effort

Sleep troubles are a common experience in families where there are health issues or developmental disabilities. If you are among the precious ones who do get a restorative night’s sleep most nights, please pray for those who don’t. In less than two weeks, our oldest...

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