Watch for updates about the next Jammin’ Pie Fest!

Walk Right In Ministries celebrates and fosters communities of belonging for people of all abilities.

Friendships and community are so important when you are part of a special-needs family. Yet isolation is a common dilemma. Daily cares keep caregivers at home, problematic behaviors limit participation in church, social connections can become strained and participating in public events can present challenges. Walk Right In Ministries hosts the annual Jammin’ Pie Fest for just these reasons and more.

Event Goals
  • Create a comfortable, encouraging and accessible space wherepeople from diverse life experiences can enjoy being part of thelarger community
  • Reduce and prevent the sense of isolation people experience when facing life challenges
  • Foster relationships and communities where the compassion and truth of Jesus is easily accessible to those who seek it
  • Refresh spirits, increase hope and improve coping skills so peoplestruggle less and thrive more