Disability Ministry Connections

Strengthening the Church with people of all abilities

An interdenominational network of churches and like-minded organizations are working together to advance inclusive ministry and awareness alongside people who experience disability, chronic illness, mental health difficulties, aging-related conditions and caregiving.

Pastors and leaders learn about resources, share ideas, answer questions, solve problems, collaborate, connect with and learn from local and national leaders, discover ways of promoting awareness in our communities and, ultimately, make Christ known to people of all abilities. Whether a church already has an organized, official “special needs  program” or is simply reaching out to serve one individual or family at a time, these affiliations offer a valuable opportunity.

The Minnesota Disability Ministry Connection was launched by Walk Right In Ministries in 2012. It was inspired by similar networks and has become a model for others too. Visit our Pastor/Leader pages for more wonderful Resources and Networking opportunities nationwide. Beginning in fall 2020, Joni & Friends Minnesota will be the new sponsor and organizer of the MDMC. We are so grateful for the ongoing partnership and leadership of Joni and Friends!

The MDMC meets monthly between October and April (not December). Meeting locations vary, rotating among metro area host churches and Christian colleges. All those in church/parachurch ministry are encouraged to join us. We also welcome guests from the disability service industries as well. No RSVP is necessary and regular attendance is optional.

Join the MN Disability Ministry Connection on Facebook HERE! The discussion forum on Facebook connects Minnesota area church leaders, volunteers and parachurch leaders with like-minded leaders from around the country. We enjoy the opportunity to ask questions, learn about the latest resources, build friendships and benefit from the expertise of many of our nation’s most experienced pioneers in the area of disability ministry.

learn about resources | share ideas | answer questions | solve problems
collaborate with other ministries |connect with local and national leaders
promote awareness in your community | make Christ known to all

The Special Needs & Disability Ministry Leaders Forum offered by Key Ministry is another wonderful point of connection for leaders and pastors nationwide. That online network shares ideas, questions and perspectives among more than 2,000 members!

Our collective vision is to help people of all abilities
encounter Christ and experience belonging in the church.

  • Learn and celebrate successes together
  • Serve better by identifying obstacles, brainstorming/testing new ideas and exploring opportunities
  • Develop “best practices”
  • Support each other through the ups and downs of ministry
  • Make meaningful connections with other leaders, resources and referral sources
  • Identify collaboration opportunities that will maximize resources, enhance special needs ministry, build community awareness and influence the broader church in better reflecting the sovereign goodness of God in disability and suffering
  • Pray for each other

“We need a change of thinking. Instead of seeing special needs ministry as a benevolent partnership, we need to view serving each other as a matter of being part of the Body of Christ. Every person is equally valuable and sharing life together is mutually beneficial, no matter a person’s level of ability.”

MDMC Member

Since 2012, the Minnesota Disability Ministry Connection has been organized by Walk Right In Ministries, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. Beginning in fall 2020, Joni & Friends Minnesota will be the new sponsor and organizer of the MDMC.