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Our messages can be offered at your church or location of your choice. Each is designed to cast vision, inspire, train and deepen your members or conference attendees in Christ.

BELONGING: Disability & Church Transformation

These are exciting times as congregations are going a step beyond just welcoming and including people of all abilities. The world’s largest unreached group of people — individuals with special needs and their families — are being embraced in communities of belonging and God is shaping the future of His church as a result. In much the same way that caregiving transforms the life of a caregiver, churches are experiencing awakening and revival when they fully engage alongside people with different needs and abilities. Be a church that embraces Christ-reflecting values and learn how the current Disability Movement is proving to be a catalyst for rich diversity.

DIVINE TIDALWAVE: What happens when crisis collides with love

God loves seeing people doing life together well. The Jamieson’s story serves as a springboard illustration showing how God radically changed an entire community when their marriage storm and experience with disability were met with a remarkable season of support. Whether we are on the giving or receiving end of help, life challenges present an opportunity for God’s people to share the transforming love of Christ. 

Next Stop, Unexpected Adventure

We come into adulthood, careers, marriage, parenting, relationships and even retirement with dreams and expectations. But as we go along, life brings a fair share of changes, surprises and sometimes disappointments. What do we do with things like hurt, regret, spoiled plans or chronic suffering?

UNSHAKEN in the Unexpected:
Roadmap for Life’s Detours

Life challenges come in many forms. Suffering is real. Where is God in the midst of our questions, doubts, discouragement, overwhelm and fear? How do we navigate our way to hope and purpose? In seasons of stumbling faith, there is a straightforward road of access to experiencing God’s nearness, power and goodness.

Navigating Decisions On Life, Disability & Aging

Current culture may be collapsing when it comes to protecting life and human dignity. How should Christians respond to questions about suffering, aging-related conditions, chronic illness, disability and ethical dilemmas? Does the Bible offer help for decision-making that both God honoring and peace giving? We explore the opportunities and responsibilities of the Church in showing compassion while fostering a biblical worldview. Re-discover the truth that nothing is too hard for God!

Our Constant In Chaos

The pace of life can feel like a treadmill out of control. Households require managing. Careers need balancing with other demands. Children have us going in multiple directions. Even retirement keeps many people running ragged! There is a way to find real peace in all of life’s seasons.


Walk Right In Ministries also provides transforming workshops that allow special needs family members to pause, reflect, explore and grow. These workshops can be offered live at your church, conference or other location of your choice. They are also available virtually through online services like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom video conference.

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