The Jammin’ Pie Fest Story

Jammin’ Pie Fest was created to facilitate life-lifting connections in the community while celebrating inclusive belonging and friendships among people living in a wide range of circumstances.

Ever since Larry and Lisa Jamieson’s third daughter Carly was born in 1998 and later diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, their family has understood the value of community and connecting with resources that keep a family thriving despite adversity.  They quickly realized the importance of having safe, resonating and hope-filling relationships and welcoming places to gather because life is at its best when shared with God and others.

Every year, it is our prayer that Jammin’ Pie Fest will accomplish these things:

Create a comfortable, encouraging and accessible space where people from diverse life experiences can enjoy being part of the larger community

Reduce and prevent the sense of isolation people experience when facing life challenges

Foster relationships and communities where the compassion and truth of Jesus is easily accessible to those who seek it

Refresh spirits, increase hope and improve coping skills so people struggle less and thrive more

In 2008, the Jamieson’s founded Walk Right In Ministries, a volunteer-led organization that now serves special-needs families, caregivers and disability ministry leaders worldwide. Since Walk Right In Ministries is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, much of our outreach is focused locally and regionally.

Jammin’ Pie Fest is Walk Right In Ministries’ featured annual community event. And we are committed to keeping the party FREE and ACCESSIBLE every year.

The first Jammin’ Pie Fest was held in late September 2014. Regie Hamm, the father of a child with Angelman Syndrome, brought amazing music to our stage from his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee! Regie is a hit songwriter, artist, producer and author who has penned over 20 #1 hits. He hit the Billboard Top 20 as an artist in 2003, and later went on to see his solo-written song “Time Of My Life” (sung by 2008 American Idol winner David Cook) stay at #1 for four months on the pop charts. Since then, Jammin’ Pie Fest has celebrated with incredible music from Family Three, Amanda Watkins and Farewell Milwaukee.

Please join us for the next Jammin’ Pie Fest. We would love to share the tradition and make memories with you. We think you will find the sweet tastes, sounds and community spirit a smash hit! In the back yard, there is freedom for all of us to be ourselves and feel at home even when that includes messes, noise and restlessness. At Jammin’ Pie Fest, you can always consider yourself among friends.

TELL US YOUR STORY of how Jammin’ Pie Fest has encouraged you or your family.

LEARN MORE about the history of the community-building organization behind the Jammin’ Pie Fest story.

Donations are invited during Jammin’ Pie Fest but are always completely optional. If you are one of those who is able to partner financially with Walk Right In Ministries (WRIM) and the Minnesota Disability Ministry Connection, WE THANK YOU!  All donations, sponsorships and auction proceeds make it possible for us to extend services and resources to people all over the world. WRIM is a Minneapolis-based 501(c)3 non-profit charity. Learn about partnerships HERE or make an ONLINE DONATION.