Family life and relationships present many of life’s best gifts.
But when challenges come in a form like disability, chronic illness, traumatic injury, mental health difficulties or an aging-related condition, life quickly gets complicated.
And this road may be long.

In this midst of it all, it is common to experience things like confusion, anger, doubt, fear, weariness and loneliness. We understand that caregivers, parents and even supportive siblings or grandparents are sifting through a myriad or resources, often struggling to find what they need. You may feel overwhelmed with decisions and feeling pressure to find the very “best” for your family.

There is hope for this crazy adventure.

Thriving in the midst of adversity is possible.

We want to encourage you and help you build strategies that fit YOU 
— including your family, your circumstances and your unique temperament needs.

Thank you for joining us here!