Being part of a special needs family teaches us, challenges us and raises many questions. The workshops below can help you pause, reflect, explore and grow. Walk Right In Ministries workshops can be offered live at a conference, retreat, church or location of your choice (e.g., in a home with a small group). They can also be held virtually through online services like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom video conference. 

Special Strengths Amidst Special Challenges

Special-needs families matter to God! Fighting for thriving relationships is one of our highest callings and brings benefits for our family as well as the community around us. This workshop is for the special needs family who wants to strengthen their home team, increase the fun, experience more peace and find deeper satisfaction together. 

Parenting Special Siblings

This workshop opens a dialogue about the challenges, disappointments, advantages and opportunities of being a sibling in a family affected by disability. Depending on the length of the session, topics can include sibling conflict, balancing attention, grief processing, dealing with social stigmas and misunderstanding, family vacations and managing stress.

The Intimate Dialogue of Prayer Journaling

Meeting with God can be a lifeline for the stretched and lonely caregiver. Yet prayer can feel unproductive, disappointing or intimidating when the days are long and healing doesn’t come. This fun and engaging workshop opens a whole toolbox of ways you can engage in intimate and life-lifting conversation with the Holy Spirit.

NOTE: Appropriate for ages 12 and up, this workshop makes a fun parent-teen date too.

DISENTANGLED: Freedom for the Special Needs Mom

Special needs moms can feel consumed by disability issues and caregiving while trying to manage an entire household. Some sense a “loss of self.” Many carry a secret discontent or longing to escape the daily grip of comparisons, insufficiencies, fear and grief. Discover God’s freedom from impossible demands and win the battle for ultimate rest.

RESILIENCE: Game Planning for the Special Needs Family

Support systems and respite strategies are essential for the special needs family that wants to thrive, for the short and long term. But energy, time, resources, creativity and willing helpers are limited. This workshop provides an opportunity to slow down, reflect on your family’s unique needs, explore opportunities with others in similar circumstances, and then develop a personalized strategy for moving forward. 

The Importance of Special Dads

Men experience unique difficulties fulfilling their roles as father and husband in the special needs family. A long work week, layers of grief, increased financial and emotional strain, fewer opportunities to bond with the children and other pressures can challenge his ability to engage in his family and marriage affected by disability.  This workshop creates a venue for special dads to explore their challenges and opportunities. 

Stories that Lift Life

How we share about ourselves, our circumstances and our faith can build or erode the connections we long for, especially when our lives are complicated. This workshop explores what makes our stories compelling, reveals how our personal stories fit into the eternal story and fosters life-lifting conversations.


Walk Right In Ministries also provides keynote messages for churches, retreats and conferences. Each talk is designed to cast vision, inspire, train and deepen church members or conference participants in life and faith. Some keynote messages can be adapted for an interactive workshop experience.

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