At Walk Right In Ministries, we value the time, talents and passion that people want to offer to a mission they care about. Volunteers support vital functions of Walk Right In Ministries’ operations and family-oriented services while experiencing meaningful opportunities to engage in the community.

Walk Right In Ministries needs volunteers of all skill and experience levels.

Many opportunities are suitable for the typical teen or adult. Other opportunities require a high level of skill and/or experience. In some cases where skills are limited or assistance is needed, tasks can be modified to allow meaningful participation. With that in mind, we try to work with people of all abilities in identifying opportunities that fit a person’s unique interests and skills. Occasionally, a volunteer needs a partner to provide support or supervision. We welcome our volunteers to serve as a team and simply ask that you provide your own buddy.

We welcome students looking for community service hours (e.g., National Honor Society, church youth groups) as well as families, small groups and others looking for community service projects.

There are many different ways people can serve throughout the year. Also, during late summer and early fall, our annual Jammin’ Pie Fest involves more than 50 volunteers.

Please review the opportunities described below and consider what interests you and seems to fall within your level of experience, skill and availability.


Help ensure WRIM’s online presence remains secure and functioning properly. Areas of need include testing website links, monitoring blog comments for spam and alerting Ministry Team about specific prayer or follow-up needs. Training provided.
Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per month | Flexible, as needed

Scheduling social media posts and maintaining online calendars. Monitoring social media comments for spam. Alerting Ministry Team about specific prayer or follow-up needs. Moderate groups when Ministry Team is on vacation or traveling for ministry. Training provided.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month | Flexible, as needed

Help keep WRIM’s vision, values, products and services visible and meaningful to users. Varied opportunities exist and depend on skills and interests of volunteers. Areas of need include drafting content for social media posts, creating Mailchimp templates, designing inspirational images (quotes, scriptures, product promotions, holiday and event announcements), compile and organize feedback from clients and followers and prepare bulk mailings. Training provided.
NOTE: We are also looking for someone to produce short videos (testimonies, WRIM promotions, speaker portfolio/highlights).
Time Commitment: Varied | Flexible, as needed

Provide a face of welcome, be available to answer questions and foster an atmosphere of belonging at events. This can include hosting an exhibit or merchandise sales table at a conference or meeting. For example, WRIM hosts a display table at each monthly meeting of the Minnesota Disability Ministry Connection (6 times/year). Our team is responsible for the set-up and take-down of the Lending Library and all other resources in the display at these meetings. We also require table hosts at speaking events to sell books and visit with guests. Training is provided.
Time Commitment: Typically, 3-hour shifts | Seasonal | Flexible, as needed

Help WRIM understand our areas of greatest positive impact, areas of greatest need and opportunities for improvement. Areas of need include tracking service area activities, compiling client feedback, gathering and organizing statistics, summarizing data and trends, developing contact lists/databases, identifying partnership opportunities and identifying potential grant opportunities. Training provided.
Time Commitment: Flexible

Support WRIM in maintaining current and accurate records. One area of need involves documenting income and expense transactions using QuickBooks. Another area of need involves monitoring Lending Library use, coordinating check-out and returns, communicating reminders to borrowers and following up with borrowers. Training provided.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per month | Flexible, as needed

Expand the overall value of WRIM’s blog for our readers and clients while building awareness of your own blog, books or services. (Contributors have the opportunity to share their own bio and links to their offerings at the end of each post.) Guest contributions are appreciated on a wide range of topics but we ask that your post(s) align with WRIM’s mission, vision and values. Theme and topic suggestions can be provided to those interested. Contact us to request WRIM’s Submission Guidelines.
Time Commitment: Flexible, as needed

This is a one-to-one friendship opportunity that involves alongside a caregiver or special-needs family member with encouragement, shared stories, prayer and sometimes willingness to help identify resources. Occasionally, a Walking Partner may provide some practical help (e.g., deliver groceries, provide a ride to church/appointment, help identify an appropriate support group, research resources). However, the focus of this relationship is on building community connections, companionship, active listening, encouragement and developing a lifestyle of faith in Jesus Christ. Training is required and will be provided by the WRIM Ministry Team to qualified individuals.
Time Commitment:   2-4 hours per month| Specific Hours: Flexible

Support consistent devotion to prayer within the WRIM Ministry Team as well as on behalf of clients, partners, readers and followers. Maintain timely communication with WRIM Prayer Team. Compile, organize and distribute internal and external prayer requests (monthly). Provide alerts to WRIM Prayer Team of urgent prayer concerns and follow up with updates. Training provided. Contact us for complete job description. This is an unpaid position.
Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/month

Coordinate and oversee occasional volunteer needs for general WRIM ministry and operations. Also serve as primary recruiter and organizer of volunteers for Jammin’ Pie Fest (August through October). This includes developing relationships and collaborating with the WRIM Ministry Team to assess and optimize volunteer needs and opportunities. Establish and monitor online registration system (e.g., Sign-Up Genius). Maintain communication and relationships with partner ministries to help publicize and organize inclusive volunteer opportunities at community events (e.g., National Day of Prayer, Joyful Noise Festival). Contact us for complete job description. This is an unpaid position.
Time Commitment: Varies | Seasonal | Typically 1-2 hours/month, August-October 2-8 hours/week

For general inquiries or questions about partnering with Walk Right In Ministries as a volunteer, please use the contact form below or contact Lisa at lisa@walkrightin.org.


Various projects and tasks involve volunteers in the weeks prior to the event, on event day and in the 2-3 weeks following the event. Opportunities range from preparing bulk mailings and collecting donations in the summer months to greeting guests and serving pie in October.
Time Commitment: Blocks of 1-3 hours | Seasonal (August-October) | Specific Times TBD
Visit the Jammin’ Pie Fest site for more details or follow the buttons below.

You could serve on our BOARD OF DIRECTORS!

We are looking for people who are passionate about Walk Right In Ministries and want to help us grow. Board terms are 3 years; meetings take place quarterly. Individuals who could make a complementary addition to our team may have background in financial planning/accounting, marketing, disability services, non-profits, health care, special education or law. Please contact us for guidelines and more information.