Tips for Caregivers Who Find it Refreshing to Get Organized

Some people learn to be well organized. Others are just born with the gift. In any case, having an effective organizer on the team of caregivers supporting your loved one and family is a valuable blessing.

In today’s post we’re exploring some challenges and opportunities for caregivers who are refreshed by getting organized. We’ll also look at what is different when being organized comes naturally compared to when it is a learned skill.

This is an ongoing series exploring what puts caregivers in their “sweet spots” when supporting a family member with special needs.

Tips for Caregivers About Expressing Help and Encouragement

Encouragement is essential nourishment for our souls. That need may be even more pronounced when someone is facing stresses like those involved in life challenges such as disability, health crisis, and financial strain.

Personally, it means the world to me when someone spurs me on with encouragement, truth, and words of appreciation. And this is never truer than when I’m especially worn out, worried, lonely, or otherwise stretched by caring for my daughter. When stressful situations erupt, the deepest needs of our souls will reveal themselves.

Are you one of those people who intuitively recognizes the needs and opportunities around you for bringing help or encouragement? Allow me to affirm the precious value of your gentle, tender-hearted spirit and generous ability to express things like empathy and support.

This final article in our “sweet spots” series explores how uniquely each of us expresses help and encouragement within a family impacted by special needs.


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