Our Fees

We understand that families touched by disability are often stretched financially.  Initial consults are always FREE. After that, consulting and counseling clients pay only pay what they are able to pay.

Our Range of Services

  • Caregiver Consulting & Referrals
  • Individual Counseling
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Faith-Based Support Group

All services are available virtually using Zoom.

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Walking Partner is not a rescuer, but an encouraging guide. He or she will listen attentively as you share about your experiences and pray with you toward hope, resources, rest and stronger relationships.  

Why consult with us?


You and your family are walking an unusual road. People in your existing social circles may not always understand your situation and may not know what to do or say. We understand what it’s like to be part of a special-needs family. Our experience, research and education has enabled us to help hundreds of families. Temperament-based sessions offer effective, positive, and affirming opportunities:

  • Find a safe place to voice your disappointments, questions, doubts, fears and grief
  • Take an honest look at your challenges, strengths and opportunities
  • Gain specific insights into your wiring and how that plays into your relationships, caregiver role,
    internal processing, and more
  • Understand how your circumstances have shaped your sense of identity
  • Explore what you are expecting of yourself, others and God
  • Experience the power of prayer alongside someone who understands
  • Move toward freedom from feeling stuck, trapped, consumed or discouraged by your circumstances
  • Develop deeper and more satisfying relationships; find resonating community
  • Identify timely and meaningful resources for your unique situation
  • Explore ways to rally supportive troops and build your tribe
  • Define short and long-term strategies for rest
  • Experience a renewed sense of purpose and adventure, even in adversity
  • Build positive, healthy, and satisfying and momentum
  • Grow in faith and hope!

Experience what it means to have community and Walking Partners for life!

Get to Root Issues Fast.

Whatever brought you here today seeking help and encouragement is likely related to your Temperament because it affects every aspect of your life.

You and your family are unique. We listen attentively with compassion and prayer. Our sessions — offered in person or virtually — are customized to fit your specific needs.

Every person’s Temperament affects how they engage and interact with the world, their caregiver roles, and the people around them. That is why Temperament is the foundation of our approach. We use a powerful tool, called the APS Temperament Profile, to assist us as we dive straight to the heart of your challenges and opportunities. You will develop a plan that leads you into harmony with how you are designed to thrive in a healthy, godly, and
satisfying life.


Lisa Jamieson is an ordained minister and certified Christian Temperament therapist as well as a caregiving parent of an adult with intellectual-developmental disabilities and complex medical needs. She specializes in Temperament counseling to help clients live a fulfilled, healthy, and happy life in all areas including home, family, caregiving, work, church, friendships, and the broader community.


two women walking together outdoor during daytime

Be spurred on with fresh vision, encouragement, and doable strategy!

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How to Get Started

After you complete the Interest Form, we will contact you to schedule an appointment (telephone or Zoom). During that appointment, we will listen carefully to your story and begin to understand your needs, questions, and hopes. Typically during this time, we are able to answer basic questions that you have about resources and help you make some initial connections (e.g., a disability-friendly church in your area).

Depending on your needs and goals, we may walk with you or your family for a single appointment or for a season.

We understand that families touched by disability are often stretched financially. When you connect with us to pursue a training, counseling or discipleship relationship, we can offer a sliding-fee guide and Pay-As-You’re-Able policy. People only pay what they are able to pay. NO ONE EVER gets turned away.

Our partnership with you can begin now! Simply fill out the Interest Form below and we’ll contact with you to arrange next steps.

*Walk Right In Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that relies on donor and sponsor partnerships to keep our resources as accessible as possible.

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Invest in your greatest asset, and the only thing you ultimately have control over: You!

Walk Right In Ministries is passionate about ministry through collaboration and multiplication.


At Walk Right In Ministries, we gratefully celebrate, promote and depend on the promises of 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 and Ephesians 3:16-21 to advance and accelerate ministry beyond our small team.

God uses the intersecting stories and Christ-seeking faith to do more than we can ever imagine. You have resonance and credibility with certain people that no one else will have in the same way. This “Walking Partner” lifestyle enhances our sense of adventure with Jesus and bolsters our hope of heaven.

Many of those who have reached out to WRIM for help have gone on to live the Walking Partner lifestyles. For example, a mom whose son struggled with mental health issues, now walks in encouraging and prayer-focused relationships with other women who have experienced disabilities or loss. A sibling who grew up in a home consumed by daily caregiving is now an adult mentoring other siblings.