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Real Talk Connect small groups provide online Christ-pointing community for caregiving moms, dads, grandparents, and siblings over 16 years old who have a brother or sister with disabilities or other special needs.

Each week, we look at one family strengthening principle.

Come ready to find encouragement, share experiences, explore God’s Word together, ask your questions, receive prayer, and build hope — all in the atmosphere of casual conversation and the comforts of your own home (or even patio chair, car, park bench).

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Peer Support Groups provide structure for community, discoveries, and encouragement.

  • Understand how your own personal life experiences fit into God’s larger story.
  • Find purpose, reassurance, encouragement and confidence in your challenges.
  • Work through any sorrow, disappointment, or grief.
  • Understand what the Bible has to say about life challenges and suffering.
  • Build a support system for yourself and others.
  • Face the future with hope!
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The Finding Glory Collection

The Finding Glory collection is great for personal study or a faith-based conversation opportunity.

The FG Group Discussion Guide is designed to be easily facilitated by someone in your own book club or small group. Make it flexible for your schedule and group type (e.g., special needs moms, dad or couples). With several question options, it’s repeatable when used in a recurring support group format.

The Finding Glory Group curriculum is organized in six (6) core sessions, with an optional seventh session for relaxed fellowship wrap-up and reflection.
The Group Discussion Guide offers several discussion question options for each session so that you can customize conversational themes according to the specific needs and interests of your group.

When someone in your family is experiencing disability or other special needs, it can be difficult to move toward hope and purpose alone. Faith-based peer groups are a way to connect with others who understand. Your group becomes a place to explore the Bible’s answers to your questions and enjoy Christ-pointing fellowship together.

Walk Right In Ministries offers FREE
facilitator coaching and marketing tools.

If you’re interested, we can provide downloadable flyer templates and other promotional materials to help you get the word out. The curriculum was created to make the process of facilitating a small group as simple and easy as possible. Tips and tools are included within the Finding Glory Group Discussion Guide to help you. No previous group leadership experience is necessary though basic coordination and communication skills will help you launch strong and maintain your group’s momentum.

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Find a prayer or study partner!

If you approach this as personal Bible study, we encourage you to identify a prayer partner who will pray for you and periodically check in with encouragement along the way.