Walk Right In Ministries values all skill and experience levels.

Volunteers support vital functions of Walk Right In Ministries’ operations and family-oriented services while experiencing meaningful opportunities to engage in the community.

There are many different ways people can serve throughout the year.

You can serve just one time, occasional time or regular time. Some projects can even be done from the comfort of your own home! During late summer and early fall, our annual Jammin’ Pie Fest involves more than 60 volunteers.

Truly, we have opportunities for everyone. Keep scrolling and catch an exciting vision for where you might belong!

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Jammin’ Pie Fest Volunteer Opportunities

The annual Jammin’ Pie Fest involves more than 60 volunteers annually and is a very fun way to be part of the community! Some serve for an hour or two. Others contribute significantly more time during the weeks of planning, preparation and event follow up.

Many opportunities are suitable for the typical teen or adult. Some roles require a certain level of skill and/or experience. Some tasks can be adapted for unique abilities or limitations. In cases where assistance is needed, we will make every effort to modify tasks to allow meaningful participation. We try to work with people of all abilities in identifying opportunities that fit a person’s unique interests and skills. Occasionally, a volunteer needs a partner to provide support or supervision. We welcome our volunteers to serve as a team and simply ask that you provide your own buddy (companion/parent support). We also welcome students and groups looking for community service hours (e.g., National Honor Society, church youth groups) as well as families, small groups and others looking for community service projects.

Year Round WRIM Volunteer Opportunities

Explore these ideas for inspiration and then contact us to discuss a role that fits you perfectly!


What interests you?

  • Prayer Team

  • Fundraising

  • Research

  • Social Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Volunteer Coordination

  • Jammin’ Pie Fest

  • Guest Blogging — Contact us for Submission Guidelines.

  • Walking Partner Activities — Based on your interest and availability, this can include writing prayer and encouragement notes, making phone calls, and/or creating care packages.

For general inquiries or questions about partnering with Walk Right In Ministries as a volunteer, please contact us!

Time Commitment: Varies | Some Seasonal | Flexible, as needed