Family life and relationships present many of life’s best gifts.
But when challenges come in a form like disability, chronic illness, traumatic injury, mental health difficulties or an aging-related condition, life can get complicated quickly.
The caregiving road may be long.

In this midst of it all, it is common to experience things like confusion, anger, doubt, fear, weariness and loneliness. We understand that family caregivers — parents, siblings, grandparents, spouses — are sifting through a myriad of resources to find what they need. You may feel overwhelmed with decisions and feeling pressure to find the very best for your family.

We want to encourage you and help you build strategies that fit YOU 
— including YOUR family, YOUR circumstances and YOUR unique temperament needs.


There is hope for this crazy adventure.
Thriving in the midst of adversity is possible.

Learn more about our caregiver consulting services, peer support groups and resources for families as well as ministry leader resources.

For we are his workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand,

that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10

Thank you for joining us here!

“Walk Right In Ministries does an amazing job coming alongside caregivers of those with special needs (offering) awesome training that every parent should go through.”
— Stepehen “Doc” Hunsley, SOAR Special Needs

“I have never learned so much about myself in 90 minutes before.”
— Minnesota

” I am still enjoying the refreshment that continues to invade my mind from the simple yet powerful truths of God’s word that you shared. These are truths for all believers, not just those with the extra challenges of special needs kids.”
— Missouri

“Sometimes we need more than venting or posting on social media. We’re building something important in this special needs journey and need help to finish the job well. Walk Right In Ministries is a wonderful and unique resource!”
— Wyoming

“Here is a reliable resource if you are in need of some support and care for yourself. I’ve received encouragement and counsel. No need to go on this journey alone.”
— Texas

“They counsel and serve from the heart. They know the hurts and heartaches in a world of needs.”
— Roger Kuhn, International Ministerial Fellowship