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“Special Friends with Indispensable Gifts”
6-Part Disability Awareness Series (Plymouth, MN)

Special Friends with Indispensable Gifts: Valuing from Plymouth Covenant Church on Vimeo.

Enjoy all size parts of this informative series:
Watch Part 1 of 6 — Valuing All
Watch Part 2 of 6 — Welcoming All
Watch Part 3 of 6 — Making the Gospel Accessible
Watch Part 4 of 6 — Caring for Each Other
Watch Part 5 of 6 — Worshipping Together
Watch Part 6 of 6 — Being a Friend & Co-Laborer



Lisa Jamieson, co-founder of Walk Right In Ministries hosts. This is a live and spontaneous forum where caregiving parents, spouses, siblings and grandparents can ask questions and share ideas. Friends and extended family are encouraged to tune in too. | Watch here.


MAY 2021 | Topic | Converge AUTISM RADIO

Dr. Stephanie Holmes interviews Lisa Jamieson who shares an opportunity mindset, encouraging parents and family caregivers in ways to thrive despite their limitations and complicated situations.. | Listen here.


NOVEMBER 2019 | Being a Parent-Caregiver for a Special Needs Child | HIM 4 HER Radio

Shug Bury interviews Lisa Jamieson on being a parent-caregiver for a child with special needs. | Listen here.


"A Special Hope" Podcast

COMING SOON! (Air date TBA) | “A Special Hope” Podcast

Sarah Broady interviews Lisa Jamieson on praying with our children. | Listen here.

AUGUST 2018 | “God Sees the Heart” The Mission Radio AM 980

Don Anderson interviews Larry & Lisa Jamieson. | Request 3-part interview on flashdrive here.

SEPTEMBER 2013| “Words to Live By” Radio

Long-running radio show interviews Larry and Lisa Jamieson. | Request archive.

JULY 2008 | My Refuge Radio FM 93.7 (Belize)

Richard Smith interviews Lisa Jamieson about community. | Listen here.

Managing Morale: Tips for Keeping Your Special Needs Family Refreshed & Encouraged | Lisa Jamieson on “Talk with Doc” with SOAR Special Needs Ministry | Jun 12 2020

#TalkWithDoc – Managing Morale – Tips for Keeping Your Special Needs Family Refreshed & Encouraged Jun 12 2020 from SOAR Special Needs on Vimeo.

Navigating Decision Involving Disability & Aging | Lisa Jamieson @ Wonderfully Made Conference in Kansas City, MO

February 2020 | Creating Healthy Families | Erin Jamieson @ Bethel School in Redding, CA

October 2019 | Caregiver Consulting | Lisa Jamieson @ Wonderfully Made Conference in Kansas City

October 2019 | “True Courage” Clip | Larry Jamieson @ Wonderfully Made Conference in Kansas City

October 2019 | “Inductive Charging” Clip | Larry Jamieson @ Wonderfully Made Conference in Kansas City

July 2019 | LIVE reading of “Jesus, Let’s Talk” (Plymouth, MN)

As part of a 6-week disability awareness series, Lisa read her children’s prayer book Jesus, Let’s Talk at Plymouth Covenant Church. | Watch all six videos from the series “Special Friends with Indispensable Gifts” on Vimeo. 

Navigating Decisions Involving Disability | Lisa Jamieson @ Inclusion Fusion Live 2019 in Cleveland, OH

Lisa Jamieson – Ethical and Biblical Decision Making – Inclusion fusion Live 2019 from Key Ministry on Vimeo.

Lisa explores the subject of this Quick Take presentation in greater detail in her article “Making Decisions About Suffering and Disability from a Biblical Worldview.” | Read the full article here. 

NOVEMBER 2018 | Inclusive Ministry Conference (Des Moines, IA)

Lisa Jamieson gives keynote “Finding Glory in the Thorns” to a group of special needs parents and disability ministry leaders. | Watch here. 

JUNE 2018 | Key Ministries’ Disability Ministry Roundtable

Barb Dittrich interviews Lisa & Erin Jamieson on parenting special-needs siblings. | Watch here. 

MARCH 2016 | Fox 9 News

“St. Paul Church Designed to Welcome Those with Disabilities” | Watch here.

MAY 2012 | Joni & Friends’ Walk ‘N Roll Minnesota

Watch here.

NOVEMBER 2000 & 2010 | “Carly’s Thanksgiving Story”

A video memoir recounting God’s faithfulness to a special needs family during a remarkable season of community outreach. | Watch here.

APRIL 2009 | 100 Huntley Street (Canada)

Moira Brown interviews Larry & Lisa Jamieson about Carly’s story and the power of community. | Watch story highlight here.|Watch Part 1 of 2. Watch Part 2 of 2 here.

AUGUST 2008 | “Raheem’s Story”

Mother of three children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta shares how she stays encouraged and empowered amidst caregiving and loss. | Available by request only.

JULY 2008 | “Bilma’s Story”

Lisa visits a Mayan village in Belize and meets the mother of a girl with special needs who is desperate for hope. | Watch here.