Assessing Spiritual Engagement Opportunities for Families with Disabilities

In today’s post you’ll find inspiration and tools that help families living with disabilities explore and identify opportunties for more satisfying involvement and belonging in their churches.

In particular, the contextualized SWOT tool offers a wonderful format for exploratory discussion as caregiving parents and family, as well as with your church. We’re offering examples across the age spectrum and a blank worksheet for your own use.

Our prayers are with you! Please reach out if there are additional ways we can help.

He is RISEN, indeed!

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Caregivers Learn to Value Slower Living

The caregiving lifestyle teaches us the necessity and value of slowing down. So, I recently posed this question to the WRIM community:

What is one of your favorite slow-living activities, and what do you enjoy most about it?

I think you’ll find some great ideas from other caregivers in today’s post!

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Fruits of Living With Intention

Our theme for 2024 is growing together in faith and love. 

WRIM’s ministry team caught this vision in December as we considered our mission and prayed about God’s focus for this caregiving community in 2024.

In today’s post, Lisa is sharing how unexpectedly and quickly this theme got launched and became visible within the WRIM community of caregivers.

We hope you’ll jump over to the blog for the full article. See how living with intention and choosing to do it in community is growing us in faith and love while allowing us to see the fingerprints of God in disability and caregiving.

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Start the New Year Remembering These Things

At Walk Right In Ministries, we are thankful for caregivers! And we stand on God’s promises with you. (In fact, we are CLINGING to them.)

Let’s start the year together clinging to these nine points of encouragement coming straight from the heart of God.

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Service Without Fanfare

Today is our final installment in a series of Christmas season reflections on Jesus’ earthly family. We pray the series has brought encouragement and direction for caregiving families.

This week we’re pausing to look closely at the life and experience of Joseph. He lived his whole life knowing things about Jesus nobody else would ever know. As the dad of an atypical child, might he have felt lonely?

I know my husband has frequently felt loneliness since Carly was born. We both have. Even when we have been surrounded by people who love us, we still experience isolation.

Few people at work, at church, in social circles, and even in extended family will understand the complexity of my husband’s life.

Joseph faithfully served and protected his family without fanfare. This is true of so many fathers in our generation raising children with disabilities. It is most certainly true of my dear husband, Larry.

I hope you will take a couple of minutes to read the full blog today. And I ask you to consider sharing it too, along with your own word of encouragement, to a special needs dad you know who needs to feel seen and recognized for his vital role in his complex family. Whether you are one of those dads, or you know one, may God give your words and gestures a life-giving power — particularly as we head into the holidays.

Merry Merry Christmas, friends and readers!

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Wondrous Waiting

During the Christmas season we’re looking to some members of Jesus’ earthly family for encouragement and direction in our caregiving families.

In today’s post, we see Mary go visit Elizabeth right after learning she would be the mother of Jesus.

These women were like “walking partners” in unique parenting circumstances. Both had confidence that God is faithful — yet each had to wait in seeing the timing and ways of God brought to wonderful completion.

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Purposed Growth

During the Christmas season we’re looking to some members of Jesus’ earthly family for encouragement and direction in our caregiving families.

In today’s post, we’re focusing on Jesus’ brother James. He was sometimes protective, and sometimes embarrassed by Jesus. Although he eventually became a faith leader in the early church, James was not always an accepting and loving sibling.

How can we make space for God to grow us up in faith and love?

How can we make room for others to experience their own growing up process too?

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Extraordinary Assignments

During the Christmas season we’re looking to some members of Jesus’ earthly family for encouragement and direction in our caregiving families.

In today’s post, we’re focusing on Mary. She faced an extraordinary assignment with trust and praise.

How can we make space for God to call us toward important assignments and encourage us in them too?

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Thanking Those Who Pave the Way in Special Needs Parenting

“Tis the season for giving thanks,” as they say.

Alas, for many families living with disability, the holiday season can be a hard time to muster gratitude. My husband, Larry, and I admit struggling over the years with our attitudes from Thanksgiving through New Years. Disability complicates our rest and family fun. For us, learning to celebrate and appreciate well is taking practice.

We are thankful for people who have gone ahead of us, teaching us how to hold godly perspectives and values over personal comforts — and be able to do that with true hearts of thanks.

In today’s Thanksgiving week reflection, I want to introduce you to one of those families who gently, yet rather unknowingly, nurtured our younger parenting hearts toward gratitude and Christ-centered focus through disability.

I am so thankful for Peggy, Joe, and Keith! I hope you are spurred on by their lifetime story of care giving and care coordinating too.

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WRIM Welcomes New Friend & Executive Director

As co-founders of WRIM, Larry and I have the privilege of introducing Misty Harper-Anderson to you by way of a short video and this blog interview we’re sharing today.

Here’s a sneak peek at our conversation with Misty:

“Some of my earliest memories are with my cousin, Ross, who is eight years younger than me. He was born with Angelman’s Syndrome. During my teen years, I lived with my aunt and uncle for two summers and spent part of my time with them caring for Ross.

As I get to know the people and heart behind Walk Right In Ministries, I grow in my excitement about being part of how God is calling us to serve families who are touched by disability.”

We think you will quickly see why the entire Board and Ministry Team are so pleased and excited to share the WRIM mission, community, and work with Misty.

Please check out today’s full post. Then help us welcome Misty. You can reach her directly and introduce yourself at [email protected].

Misty is also eager to meet WRIM’s friends and partners. Join us for a Virtual Reception on Wednesday, October 25th from 7 PM to 7:30 PM CENTRAL and enjoy some fellowship together! Write [email protected] to request the Zoom link.

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