Our Mission

Helping caregivers in special needs families walk abundantly in life, faith, and relationships.

Our Vision

Empowering and equipping caregivers in special needs families to experience fulfilling life together, engage in their communities, grow in faith, and share their stories for the glory of God.

Our Values

Sanctity of Life

We celebrate that God’s good design is reflected in every person and circumstance.

God’s Sovereignty in Suffering

We bear witness that suffering and weakness don’t negate the value of life because God’s is not limited by anything.

Authority of Scripture

We are guided and shaped by the authority and truth of the Bible.


We understand that God desires to restore us to right relationship with Him and to healthy relationships with others.

Transformative Belonging

We affirm that God transforms people and churches when we engage with each other through the adverse circumstances of our lives.

Accessibility of the Gospel

We foster communities where the compassion and truth of Jesus is easily accessible to all who seek it.

Family-Based Ministry

We champion faith in Jesus that is initiated and fostered within the family.

Christ-Centered Ministry

We focus on pointing each other to Christ, not programs.


We collaborate with faith-based partners to help families grow in faith and thrive in their relationships.

Encouragement in Community

We build each other up through life’s difficulties and encourage each other to grow in faith and friendships.

Our Story

How do caregivers and their families thrive when living with disability or complex health conditions?

That question sparked a desire in Larry and Lisa Jamieson, co-founders of Walk Right In Ministries, to help fill the need for effective, biblically sound, and practical caregiving resources. 

Ever since Larry and Lisa’s third daughter Carly was born in 1998 and later diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, their family has understood the value of community and connecting with resources that keep a family thriving despite adversity.  They recognized core areas of need and opportunity:

  • Reduce and prevent the sense of isolation, fear, and overwhelm people experience when caring for someone with disabilities
  • Foster relationships and communities where caregivers and their families experience encouragement, compassion, friendship, cooperation, purpose, and the truth of God’s goodness in disability and suffering
  • Refresh spirits and improve coping skills so caregivers struggle less and thrive more

With over 30 years of combined experience caring for their daughter, aging parents and grandparents, Larry and Lisa have been dedicated to bringing reliable, God-centered, and soul-orienting resources to families with special needs since 2008.