We are looking back at WRIM Blog reader favorites for 2013. If you missed them the first time around, we hope you are blessed today. Happy new year, friends!

Movie Nights with Purpose 

Attending our first Gideon Film Festival two years ago spawned a vision for Walk Right In Ministries to use movies as another of our tools to help… Continued here. 

Shawn & Evan’s Glory Story 

God is using your prayers and gifts to invite His children affected by disabilities, giving them new hope in Him. One person who was in need of such hope was Shawn… Continued here. 

Recapping the Summit 

Larry and I returned from the 2013 Accessibility Summit on Sunday night and I’ve been anxious… Continued here. 

Tenderness in TransitionsLife has been full at my house this summer with life transitions facing us in all corners. We’ve “seen it all” in some respects from coordinating care for aging parents, “middle-aged” health issues of our own and parenting a severely handicapped teenager to sending our second off to college… Continued here. 

The Glory Story Unfolding with “One More Song”Normally, I would not use this venue so specifically for the promotion of a product, service, organization or person. But today I’m making an exception for some dear friends and a project I believe God is already using… Continued here. 

Where does that nagging ache in your marriage come from?A few months ago I read another wonderful book about marriage. I haven’t been blogging much lately but ran across my notes and couldn’t help but feel God’s timing… Continued here. 

Abigail’s Christmas Glory Story 

I want to thank Eileen Cushing for sharing today’s story about her daughter Abigail. God is working through her in a mighty way to encourage people and point them to Jesus… Continued here.