Larry & Lisa Jamieson

Larry & Lisa Jamieson
Larry & Lisa Jamieson


Larry and Lisa Jamieson are co-founders of Walk Right In Ministries as well as authors of Finding Glory in the Thorns and the Finding Glory Group Discussion Guide. They know first-hand the life altering challenges associated with parenting a child with disabilities. At the age of two and a half, their youngest of three daughters, Carly, was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. During Carly’s preschool years, their family experienced unusual practical and spiritual support from their community. But they also understand the strain on marriage and finances, seasons of loneliness, feeling invisible and longing for lost friendships.

The Jamieson’s have personally experienced fears, questions, overwhelm and chronic weariness that come with more than 22 years of 24/7 caregiving. Throughout more than 32 years of marriage they’ve been learning what it takes to thrive. They know the importance of having faith and a strong support system to maintain a healthy family and marriage. They are passionate about helping others connect and grow in Christ-centered relationships.

Lisa currently oversees the day-to-day activities of Walk Right In Ministries, leads the ministry team and recruits new volunteers. She also writes, speaks, disciples women and families, and remains a full-time caregiver for their delightful daughter Carly.

Larry works full time overseeing finance and technology for a regional company while volunteering in ministry. He serves on the Board of Directors for Walk Right In Ministries. He served for eight years as City Champion for Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) where he equipped men to provide servant leadership in their homes, businesses, churches, and communities. Larry’s understanding of biblical manhood became radically reshaped through some stormy years of early marriage and while raising three daughters including one with severe disabilities. His great passion is discipling men — especially dads — to encounter God, become equipped as Christ-followers and engage their world by leading in faith.

Together, the Jamiesons remain devoted to education, advocacy, discipleship and networking to help others connect and grow within Christ-loving communities.

Ministry Team

Lisa Jamieson

Lisa Jamieson


Prior to committing her career to ministry, Lisa was a corporate training designer and content writer for Fortune 500 Companies. As the mom of a young adult with Angelman Syndrome, Lisa is a champion for individuals and families experiencing disability but her story is relatable to anyone who is acquainted with life’s challenges. She is a gifted disciple-maker helping people engage intimately with God and more meaningfully within the Family of God—especially when experiencing adversity. In addition to Finding Glory in the Thorns, Lisa’s books include Living Your Glory Story and the children’s book Jesus, Let’s Talk. You can follow her personal blog at www.lisajamieson.org.

Larry Jamieson


Larry is the co-author of Finding Glory in the Thorns and an insightful, relatable speaker on biblical manhood and being a special needs dad. His passion is to disciple men who want to be Christ-centered servant leaders in their homes, businesses, churches, and communities. Larry’s own understanding of leadership and family became radically reshaped through some stormy years of early marriage and raising three daughters including one with Angelman Syndrome. Larry co-founded Walk Right In Ministries with a mission to build faith and community among special needs families.

Alex Jamieson


Alex is a Minneapolis-based audit manager for a global accounting and consulting firm. Active in her church and as a community soccer coach, Alex serves on the Board of Directors for New Path Mental Health Services, a non-profit mental health clinic specializing in abuse and trauma. Alex also volunteers with Walk Right In Ministries as a speaker and regular encourager to families experiencing special needs. She is the oldest sibling to a sister who has Angelman Syndrome. During her high school years, Alex worked as a personal care assistant and has since become a strong advocate for her sister Carly and others who experience disabilities. Find Alex’s writing at www.alexjamieson.org.

Erin Jamieson


Erin is a singer-songwriter and worship leader. Her songwriting, blogging, and speaking is often inspired by challenges and insights she experienced growing up in a family affected by disability. Erin serves with Walk Right In Ministries speaking on special sibling issues and assisting with social media and special projects. She has also served frequently in her community and home church as a worship leader. Erin earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Songwriting at Belmont University in Nashville. She went on to complete a 3-year ministry leadership program at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Having fallen in love with Northern California, she continues to live, work, and serve in Redding. Her latest CD Come Alive (released 2018) and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services. Follow Erin on Instagram.

Carly Jamieson


Carolyn, best known as “Carly,” represents the vision of Walk Right In Ministries and shares the joy of Jesus with everyone she meets. Since graduating from Maple Grove High School in 2016 and completed three years of transition education, she has been active in volunteering at her church and in her community. She attended Young Life Capernaum for 7 years and participates in the Darby’s Dancers national adapted dance program. As a young woman with Angelman Syndrome, Carly appreciates what it means to persevere through challenges while generously expressing love, compassion and smiles of friendship.

So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, “Become friends with God; He’s already a friend with you.” 2 Corinthians 5.20

Board Members

We highly value these leaders who are passionate about Walk Right In Ministries and willing to share their time and talent to help us follow Jesus into the world.

Larry Jamieson, Board Member
Lisa Jamieson, Board Member

Volunteer Teams

Walk Right In Ministries brings encouragement to families through a variety of ministry activities and event with the support of volunteers. The WRIM Prayer Team intercedes for hundreds of individuals and families receiving monthly updates and sometimes urgent prayer requests throughout the year. Care package assembly and mailing of hand-written notes of encouragement are also supported by volunteers. Our featured local event, Jammin’ Pie Fest, involves more than 60 volunteers annually. Volunteer partnerships include church small groups doing service projects, students (e.g., National Honor Society, church youth groups), professionals (most discount their services to share in our mission) and many talented friends.

Walking Partners

Walk Right In Ministries depends on ministry through collaboration and multiplication. We understand that, by the power, grace and mystery of the Holy Spirit, God uses the intersection of resonating stories and Christ-seeking faith to do more than we can ever imagine. As we have the privilege of walking and growing with friends who reach out to this ministry for help, they are able to move forward in their own story by walking out their faith with others too. This “Walking Partner” lifestyle enhances our sense of adventure with Jesus and bolsters our hope of heaven.

At Walk Right In Ministries, we gratefully celebrate, promote and depend on the promises of 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 and Ephesians 3:16-21 to advance and accelerate ministry beyond our small team.