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COVID-19 Update: In these challenging times, many of us are experiencing isolation and anxiety. Our prayerful process brings hope, encouragement, and peace. Using Zoom, we provide temperament-based counseling sessions for you in your home. Simply email us and schedule a time that works for you.

Build Hope & Resilience In Your Family

work with a caregiver coach or counselor

Many people ask hard questions, fight a sense of isolation and wrestle with complex challenges when a family is experiencing disability, chronic illness, traumatic injury, mental health difficulties, aging-related conditions or loss. Whether you are a parent, spouse, sibling, grandparent or friend, caregiving is not easy. Consulting with someone who has walked in similar shoes can bring welcome encouragement, fresh insights, practical tools, stronger relationships and new momentum.

With a discipleship focus, our consultants, trainers and counsellors facilitate hope and connections through a one-to-one organic process. That process includes listening, prayer, education, advocacy and networking. We call this being a “Walking Partner.” Jesus is our model.

Why consult with a Walking Partner?

You and your family are walking an unusual road. People in your existing social circles may not always understand your situation and may not know what to say or do. In some cases, friends and family even drift away.

Just like you, we are family members who understand what it’s like to be part of a special-needs family. Our experience, research and education has enabled us to help hundreds of families. 

It is a gift to find others who are willing to listen attentively and can empathize with your circumstances. In good times and tough times, you benefit from having at least one companion. We are not professional counsellors, but we are friends who know you need someone to listen, understand when to offer ideas and also pray bravely and tenderly with you. 

With one of our experienced Walking Partners, you can:

  • Find a safe place to voice your disappointments, questions, doubts, fears and grief
  • Take an honest look at your challenges, strengths and opportunities 
  • Understand how your circumstances have shaped your sense of identity
  • Explore what you are expecting of yourself, others and God
  • Experience the power of prayer alongside someone who understands
  • Move toward freedom from feeling stuck, trapped, consumed or discouraged by your circumstances
  • Develop deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Identify timely and meaningful resources for your unique situation
  • Explore ways to rally supportive troops and build your tribe
  • Define short and long-term strategies for rest
  • Experience a renewed sense of purpose and adventure, even in adversity
  • Build positive, healthy and satisfying momentum

A Walking Partner is not a rescuer but an encouraging guide. He or she will listen attentively as you share about your experiences and walk with you toward hope, resources, rest and stronger relationships.  

Our Walking Partner sessions spur people on with fresh vision, encouragement and doable strategy!

How does the process work?

You and your family are unique. We listen attentively with compassion and prayer. Our sessions — offered live or virtually — are customized to fit your specific needs. Depending on your needs and interest, we may walk with you or your family for a single appointment or for a season. Our partnership with you can begin now. Simply fill out the Interest Form below and we’ll contact with you to arrange next steps.

We understand that families touched by disability are often stretched financially. People only pay what they are able to pay. When you connect with us to pursue a training, counseling or discipleship relationship, we can offer a sliding-fee scale or suggested donation. Ultimately, no one every gets turned away.

*Walk Right In Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that relies on donor and sponsor partnerships to keep our resources as accessible as possible.
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(required for new clients)

Length: Typically about 45 minutes
After you complete the Interest Form, we will contact you to schedule an in-person or telephone appointment. During that appointment, we will listen carefully to your story and begin to understand your needs, questions and hopes. Typically during this time, we are able to answer basic questions that you have about resources and help you make some initial connections (e.g., a disability-friendly church in your area). With your permission, we will finish this conversation with a prayer for you and your family. 

*Please contact us for the sliding fee schedule on follow-up sessions.
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(for caregivers)

Length: 60 to 75 minutes per session
These personalized live or virtual meetings are designed to respond to your unique needs and goals with an encouraging consultant-trainer whose story will typically resonate in some way with yours. Sessions typically last about an hour and include sharing your story, exploring your questions and challenges, responding to reflective questions, identifying meaningful resources, creating a plan and prayer. We may also utilize practical tools to build understanding and skills (e.g., The ARNO Profile System, The Five Love Languages®). The list of potential topics for discussion during these sessions is virtually unlimited. Conversations may include relationships and family dynamics, finances, stress, marriage, parenting, siblings, vacations, respite care, school/IEPs, medical/mental health issues, therapies, grandparents/extended family, addiction, future planning, faith and what the Bible says about things like healing and suffering. 

(multi-session also packages available)
*We are happy to arrange a sliding fee adjustment or suggested donation as needed.
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Length: One (1) session, 90 minutes
This training session introduces you, as a caregiver, to strategies and resources that will improve your support system. You will be encouraged to share your story and ask questions. We will explore the current state of your support community and identify potential needs. You will take an honest look at your personal and family strengths so those can be both celebrated and optimized. Since we believe that prayer is a defining and empowering force behind all of our efforts, some time will also be spent in prayer for you and your family.

*We are happy to arrange a sliding fee adjustment or suggested donation as needed.
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Length: Three (3) sessions, 90 minutes each
This training package is personalized to meet the needs and goals of your caregiving family as it relates to developing your support system. We will begin by exploring current challenges and obstacles as well as opportunities for deeper connection within your family and community. We will work with you to develop personalized and practical strategies for making supportive and satisfying connections. This may include practical or spiritual resources and referrals. You can expect to develop short and long-term plans for personal care and begin implementing those strategies. Ideas for caregiver respite and family vacation planning will also be discussed. This package may include assistance in creating tools that develop your care support network (e.g., flyer for recruiting volunteers, ad to hire caregiver support staff). Since we believe that prayer is a defining and empowering force behind all of our efforts, it is strongly recommended that time and training be devoted to this as well. With your permission, we will end each session in prayer with you.

*We are happy to arrange a sliding fee adjustment or suggested donation as needed.
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TEMPERAMENT (individualized training)

Length: Sessions 60 minutes each
God created YOU — uniquely equipped you for a rich and full life, even within circumstances that are often outside of your control. It can be of great help to understand your own unique needs, wants, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities as a caregiving parent, spouse, sibling, grandparent or other supportive family member or friend. Be encouraged. Your Divine Designer knows you intimately and wants to give you insight and peace. We’ll explore your role as a caregiver and uncover personalized ways to lighten your burdens. There is hope for relief from things like anger, resentment, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, hopelessness and exhaustion.

SESSION FEE: Please contact us at for more information.
*We are happy to arrange a sliding fee adjustment or suggested donation as needed.

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Lead Consultant | Trainer | Coach | Counselor

Lisa Jamieson

For more than three decades, Lisa Jamieson has been coming alongside individuals, couples and groups as they discover how to thrive in their faith and relationships. She has been married over 32 years and is the parent of three grown children including Carly who has Angelman Syndrome. Lisa holds a Bachelor Degree from the University of Minnesota (English) and a Minor in Child Psychology. Following a successful career in consulting and designing curriculum for Fortune 500 companies, she has devoted her life to full time advocacy and pastoral care with special needs families and caregivers of all generations. In addition to her wealth of knowledge about the resources available to families affected by disability, Lisa utilizes temperament and other tools in her training and consulting ministry. Lisa is a licensed pastoral counsellor, certified in Christian temperament therapy and a member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. Clients frequently report improvements in dealing with anxiety, fear, anger, discouragement and exhaustion. Lisa is passionate about helping people experience confidence, peace and their God-given potential while making meaningful connections in their communities. 

Walk Right In Ministries is passionate about ministry through
collaboration and multiplication.

We understand that, by the power, grace and mystery of the Holy Spirit, God uses the intersection of our resonating stories and Christ-seeking faith to do more than we can ever imagine. So, as we have the privilege of walking and growing with friends who reach out to this ministry for help, they are able to move forward in their own story by walking out their faith with others too. This “Walking Partner” lifestyle enhances our sense of adventure with Jesus and bolsters our hope of heaven.

Many of those who have reached out to us for help have gone on to live the Walking Partner lifestyles themselves. For example a mom whose son struggled with mental health issues, now walks in encouraging and prayer-focused relationships with other women who have experienced disabilities or loss. A sibling who grew up in a home consumed by daily caregiving is now an adult mentoring other siblings. 

At Walk Right In Ministries, we gratefully celebrate, promote and depend on the promises of 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 and Ephesians 3:16-21 to advance and accelerate ministry beyond our small team.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Do you struggle to be the person you want to be —the parent your children need, the caregiver your loved one needs, the spouse your partner deserves, the companion your sibling wants, the friend that doesn’t feel pushed away — a survivor and thriver

You are not alone. Others families affected by disabilities and mental health conditions relate to your struggles. We understand that your ways of coping with life have needed to change dramatically since a diagnosis emerged or traumatic injury occurred. Each new day requires adjusting to an unexpected lifestyle, staying on top of needs, identifying quality resources and managing stress. It can be overwhelming. 

Have you been encouraged to “take care of yourself?” Well-intentioned friends and family may try to help or cheer you on the best way they know how. But their words, or lack of words, can feel deflating. Receiving help feels uncomfortable. We’ve been there too. Let us walk with you for a season. Let us help you prayerfully explore your circumstances, your strengths, the opportunities and the surprises God promises. 

Walk Right In Ministries (WRIM) is a faith-based training and referral organization. It is our desire to present a wholistic and cooperative approach with other counseling, mental health and support professionals. WRIM does not hold out any guarantees or promises to the general public about our products or services.