Find Your Path to Becoming a Mentor, Coach, or Counselor

At Walk Right In Ministries, we are passionate about ministry through collaboration and multiplication. WRIM regularly collaborates with and provides referrals to churches and like-minded organization advancing disability awareness and belonging. We also train experienced caregivers who want to grow in lay or professional ministry.

We know God uses intersecting stories and Christ-seeking faith to do more than we can ever imagine. Experienced caregivers have resonance and credibility with other caregivers that no one else will have in quite the same way. For that reason, WRIM offers training and equipping for experienced family caregivers who are considering their own calling and platform for helping others.

The Creation Therapy course is foundational in WRIM’s therapeutic model. All WRIM mentors, coaches, and counselors are “APS certified” by completing the Creation Therapy course. Whether or not you will ultimately serve on the Walk Right In Ministries discipleship team, however, taking the Creation Therapy course provides valuable equipping. The course is available through many Christian colleges, seminaries, and universities as well as through the National Christian Counselor’s Association.

Walking Partner Orientation Training is a requirement for anyone who will serve on the WRIM ministry team (volunteer or paid).

Lisa Jamieson, WRIM’s Director of Care & Community, serves as instructor to students completing Creation Therapy and/or Walking Partner Orientation Training through Walk Right In Ministries.

The WRIM Model

Walk Right In Ministries’ consulting and counseling, peer support groups, and discipleship training aim to help caregivers in families living with disability to walk abundantly in life, faith, and relationships. We gratefully celebrate, promote, and depend on the promises of 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 and Ephesians 3:16-21 to advance and accelerate this ministry beyond our small team.

This is our training and multiplication model:

The Arno Profile System (APS) is a foundational to the Walk Right In Ministries’ therapeutic model. It is a faith-based tool for interpreting human behavior that assists people in achieving long-term emotional and spiritual well-being. The APS is the therapeutic model of the National Christian Counsellors Association and Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. It is named after its founders, Dr. Richard and Phyllis Arno.

There are many different applications of the APS tool from marriage counseling/coaching, youth coaching, Human resource coaching, and leadership and management coaching, to business owners, entrepreneur coaching, and beyond.

WRIM applies the APS in the context of caring for a loved one with disabilities, chronic/complex medical issues, TBI, and other special needs. It is a powerful tool in helping caregivers understand how they are uniquely suited for their role, recognize behavior patterns of each general temperament type, develop and maintain positive relationships, and be empowered to serve from their own “sweet spots.”

The WRIM Discipleship Training Program Advantage

There are many great reasons why a person might choose to study Creation Therapy and pursue training with Walk Right In Ministries:

  • Access affordable, biblically-based online learning (e.g., opportunity receive price discounts on course materials and/or apply for scholarships toward training, mentoring, and/or credentialing)
  • Employ the exciting, proven, and biblically-based temperament model to help others
  • Learn to contextualize the temperament model for the caregiving family
  • Receive instruction from trainers and/or program supervisors who have significant depth of first-hand family caregiving and ministry experience
  • Enhance personal equipping to advance the Gospel and participate in Kingdom work
  • Develop a platform for becoming equipped and launch personal ministry
  • Be connected with employment and disability ministry network opportunities
  • Be equipped, as needed, to support and partner with their own church’s pastoral care team in providing coaching or counseling in the temperament therapy model
  • Achieve three (3) semester hours of graduate level college credit (with successful completion of the Creation Therapy course)